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Lay Up Treatment LYP-6030

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LYP-6030 an organically formulated layup treatment for open re-circulating cooling water systems which are being taken off line. It is generally applied at the end of the typical cooling season.

LYP-6030 is a water-soluble emulsified corrosion inhibitor with dispersing capabilities. When applied, it will lay down a corrosion inhibition film on both ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy to help protect the metallic ions from oxidation during the dry storage time.

LYP-6030 will help to cleanse the system of particulate matter and corrosion by-products that have formed during the season by penetrating the accumulated masses and dispersing them. When the system is restarted, it is ready to go. The water-soluble emulsion will be washed away in the bulk water without threat of fouling the heat exchange or filtration equipment. LYP-6030 is an Organic Multi-Metal Corrosion Inhibitor Filming Agent.

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