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About Masters Company

Masters Company, Inc. was founded in 1961.

Throughout our years, we have been dedicated to providing the highest quality, customer-focused, private labeled products and services. Our extensive private label manufacturing experience allows us to provide clients with world class products and support services. MCI provides the proverbial "nuts n bolts" functions for clients; that allows our valued clients to concentrate on promoting sales and their longer term growth. Through these quality, customer-focused efforts we support and promote our own organization's growth.

Taking Pride in Our Associates

MCI has a dedicated staff of technical and manufacturing support professionals whose extensive training and wide range of experience allows MCI to provide a world class level of marketing, sales, regulatory and technical support expertise - to support our clientele.

Masters is an active member in a number of technical organizations. The Association of Water Technologies, the Cooling Technology Institute, the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, and the American Society of Heating Refrigeration Air-Conditioning Engineers are among just some of the technical organizations MCI participates in. Several of our associates are active and on-going committee contributors in these organizations.

Masters Company - A Leader in the Industry

MCI - providing Creative Solutions for Water Management - has pioneered any number of innovative concepts and products, for example:

  • PDQ & RediTab Phosphonate Tests

  • Enhanced Polymer Test

  • SSC-6126 a non-regulated calcium scale remover

  • FerroCleanse the superior Iron/Rust removal agent

  • MP-9700 Peracetic Acid test method for sanitation/water treatment applications 

These are just some of the innovative products MCI has pioneered under its greensense technologies.

The Masters of Technology concept we adhere to at MCI is also responsible for a number of other market leading creative solutions for water management including:

  • GreenCool I & GreenCool II stressed, high cycle organic acid based cooling water treatments

  • Simplicity product line through our LiquiLogic, LLC division utilizing Ultra-Concentrates to provide a SafeR-SimpleR-SmarteR way to apply water treatment products

  • eZeSolv as part of the SST product core where we have created highly active granulated products for use in Solid to Liquid to Dispense feed systems

  • FACT based treatments utilizing filming amine corrosion technologies

  • T.R.A.C. (Total Reducing Agent Control) based treatments utilizing reducing agent corrosion technologies

Masters Company, Inc. is proud to serve the water treatment industry for 60 years!

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