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Private Label To Build Your Brand

Masters Company Inc.'s Private Labeling Program can assist in branding your company’s image with product recognition, at no additional cost to you. To do this, Masters has created a Private Label Program for our customers.

Our custom made products can be labeled with your company name, logo, and contact information. Having products private labeled provides advertisement, brand recognition, and facilitates re-orders.  

From test kits, reagents, laboratory services, blended products, lab reports, SDS, and shipping documents, your name will appear on the products to complete that customized look. Once your company’s line art is submitted to our customer service department, private labeling can easily be affixed to the products contained in your order. Just let us know what your needs are.  Private labeling made simple!

All MCI products are in compliance with the Global Harmonizing System of Classification.

* Private labeling is not available on federally registered biocides.

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