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Compound Blending Products

•  Steam Boiler Treatments

•  Closed System Treatments

•  Cooling Water Treatments

•  Anti-Foam Products

•  White Rust Passivators

•  System Lay-Up Treatments

•  Resin Cleaning and Reverse Osmosis Treatments

•  EPA Registered Microbiocides

Air conditioning cooling towers in front

MCI provides water treatment and specialty chemical blending/compounding combined with exceptional and innovative technical service and superior application support. From product formulation and development through product application and troubleshooting, MCI provides an unparalleled level of customer support.


MCI can manufacture a customer's specific formulation, provide one of our industry leading house products or work with clients

from product conception through development and application all the while adhering to the highest quality

standards. MCI can provide a full array of behind the scenes support functions and confidential partnership that helps all of us to succeed. Confidentiality is a passion at MCI and are more than pleased to sign formal non-disclosure agreements if required. MCI can bring a level of expertise and breadth of knowledge to water treatment and analytical chemistry issues that few can.

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