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MCI Helps the Animals!

On February 8, 2020, staff from Masters Company attended the Lakeland Animal Shelter's Sip 'N Purr Event at the Abbey Resort in Fontana, Wisconsin!

The event, which includes a silent auction, raises money for Lakeland Animal Shelter (LAS). Lakeland Animal Shelter is an organization dear to the hearts of MCI, which has had numerous internal fundraisers to support this fabulous organization!

The Lakeland Shelter— www.lakelandanimalshelter.orgis a non-profit organization located at 3615 State Road 67 in Delavan, Wisconsin. Their skilled and committed staff, with the help of over 100 dedicated volunteers, care for over 3,000 homeless animals annually from the southeastern Wisconsin area. Their ultimate goal for these animals is to reunite them with their owners or find suitable new adopted homes.

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