Conductivity Meter, Myron L Ultrameter II™ 6PFCᴱ

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Measures Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, ORP, Free Chlorine, pH, and Temperature. The 6PFCE is an ultra fast, easy to use, powerful handheld digital meter. Four digit display for full 9999 reading. Memory for 100 readings with date & time stamp. Choice of KCL, NaCL, and 442™ Natural Water Standards; waterproof and buoyant.

Dimensions: 7.7" x 2.7" x 2.5"
Weight: 12.4 oz.

Conductivity: 0-9999 µS/cm, 10-200 mS/cm in 5 autoranges
TDS: 0-9999 ppm, 10-200 ppt in 5 autoranges
Resistivity: 10 KΩ-30 MΩ
pH: 0-14 pH
ORP: ±999 mV
Free Chlorine: 0.00-9.99 ppm 350≤ORP mV˂<725 and 0.0≤pH˂9.9, 725≤ORP mV <825 and 0.0≤pH<8.9
Temperature: 0-71˚C, 32-160˚F

Conductivity: ±1% of reading
TDS: ±1% of reading
Resistivity: ±1% of reading
pH: ±0.01% pH
ORP: ±1% mV
Free Chlorine: ˂<1.00 ppm ±0.3 ppm, ≥1.00 ppm ±0.2 ppm
Temperature: ±0.1˚C

Auto Temperature Compensation
Conductivity: 0-71˚C, 32-160˚F
TDS: 0-71˚C, 32-160˚F
Resistivity: 0-71˚C, 32-160˚F
pH: 0-71˚C, 32-160˚F
Free Chlorine: 0-71˚C, 32-160˚F

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