Chlorine, Free - Equivalent Pen, Myron L UltraPen™ PT4

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The PT4 was designed to be accurate and easy to use with real time readings. Features proprietary sensor design, calibration with pH and ORP standard solutions with Automatic Temperature Compensation. Fully encapsulated electronics and waterproof. Comes with scoop, one alkaline 1.5 battery, protective cap, soaker cap, pocket clip, holster, and lanyard.

Fcᴱ Free Chlorine Range: 0 -10.0 ppm
Fcᴱ Free Chlorine Accuracy: 5.00 ppm ±0.3 ppm; ≥5.00 ppm ±0.5 ppm
Temperature Range: 0-71˚C/32-160˚F
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.1˚C/±0.1˚F

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