Legionella Advance Warning System

MCI Exclusive!

Introducing PathogenALERT's Legionella Advance Warning system. It's the L.A.W.!

A patented detection sensor that facilitates remote monitoring of airborne Legionella and revolutionizes the approach to Legionella detection and control. 


• Faster detection of contamination events helping prevent future instances 

• Fully automated - no seperate incubation or analysis period 

• No preparation time for samples 

Continuous & Remote Monitoring 

• Isolation of contamination sources with multiple monitored points 

• Continuous air sampling of cooling towers, water features, pools/spas, outside air intake vents 

• Cloud-based software including daily reports detailing current risk level 

• Presentation of detection reports using similar format to traditional techniques


To learn more about L.A.W. 

Legionella Advance Warning


Rapid Airborne Pathogen

Identification Detection

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Legionella Advance Warning


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